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  • GUO Xiangqian
    Doctor, Specially-hired/appointed Professor, Yellow River Scholar
  • ZHANG Xiao
    Doctor, Second-grade Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
  • 快三彩票MA Yuanfang
    Doctor, Doctoral Supervisor, Second-grade Professor
  • LI Xia
    Doctor, Professor, Master’s Supervisor
  • JI Shaoping
  • HU Yanzhong
    Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Yellow River Scholar
  • XIE Songqiang
    Doctor, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
  • YAN Xiyun
    Researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctoral Supervisor
  • SHEN Beifen
    Doctoral supervisor and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • LIU Changxiao
    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering


The campusMore

  1. A group of Henan benevolent sages, represented by LIN Boxiang, founded the Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America (the precursor of Henan University)。 In this period, European and American cultures, politics and economies were invading China, and the Revolution of 1911 was on the point of winning。 The school became one of the three major training bases for studying abroad at that time。

  2. The Higher Education for Medical in Henan rose from the predecessor of Henan University -- National fifth Sun Yat-sen University in 1928.

  3. Built in 1902, Henan Medical College merged into Henan University. As a result, Henan University College of Medicine was officially established at Henan University and it was one of the five top colleges of Henan University at that time.

  4. At the adjustment period of universities and colleges across China, Henan Medical College set up independently based on the former Medical College and has made important contributions to medical and health care in Henan and even the whole China。

  5. Henan University College of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals moved to Zhengzhou.

  6. 快三彩票 Henan University College of Medicine was renamed as Henan Medical University and opened a new journey again。

  7. In 2000, the Henan University College of Medicine merged with Zhengzhou University。 In the same year, former Kaifeng Medicine College was incorporated into Henan University, which has also added new strength to the Henan University College of Medicine。 And it also took another step on the path of medical education of Henan University。

  8. A new Henan University College of Medicine was built in cooperation with People’s Hospital of Henan Province, a prestigious hospital with over a hundred years of history. Later, they joined hands together to form a powerful combination to construct a modern medical school featured “high starting point, international and research-oriented”, opening a brand-new chapter of mutual consultation, co-construction, share and win-win of the two sides.

  9. Henan University was selected into “double first-class” university construction ranks, and it incorporated the “biomedical” major into first-class discipline construction groups, which brought new opportunities and challenges for the development of the Henan University College of Medicine again。

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